Do We Believe Him? Meagan Good’s Hubby Says He Was Celibate For 10 Years Before Marrying Her

I know he’s a preacher and all, but I’m kinda skeptical of this news he broke to Global Grind. *side eye*

Sony Pictures Executive and Pastor DeVon Franklin recently revealed in an interview with Global Grind that he had been practicing celibacy for over ten years before marrying his wife, actress Megan Good.

Franklin says the reason he became celibate was because he “would go and preach one thing and living another” and it was eating him apart. Meagan Good was also very public about her decision to become celibate prior to their marriage.

Let me be clear, I’m not skeptical because I don’t think someone can go that long without having bad word…I believe it can be done.

I’m having issues believing him just because ten years is a very long time for a man with his looks, status and *cough* money. I know women were (and probably still do) throw themselves at him. Once in the last decade, he had to give in at some point.

I don’t want to classify all men as bad word crazed individuals, but come on now.

Anyway, during the interview Franklin also revealed that he believes marriage is the key to happiness. Check out his interview and let me know what you think!




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