DJ Khaled Doesn’t Care That He’s Gotten An Eviction Notice And Owes Over $55K In Rent

Do people consider DJ Khaled an actual DJ? Or is that just part of his name? Anyway the man that can be heard as soon as you press play on some of your favorite tracks reportedly owes $55,000 in unpaid rent.   

We don’t really care that he owes this money, we’re just baffled as to why he’s brushing it off. Khaled you’re not above the law boo.

In an interview with Hot 97, he said news of his eviction are rumors, but he does owe that much money. o_O

Khaled claims that he went on to move in another place with “elevators and a few stories” and that paying the $55K is “nothing.” He goes on to say that all his material possessions cost more than what he owes in rent so he isn’t concerned with it.

[Yo Raps]

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