Detroit Pastor Defends “Sexual” And “Offensive” Ceremony Practice, Says He Will Not Stop


A Detroit pastor is defending his highly criticized ordination ceremony.

Last week, video surfaced of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson’s ordination ceremony in which he laid on top of two new bishops as they laid on the floor in front of his congregation. The ceremony took place at his church Impact Ministries International. Critics say the ceremony is “sexual” and “offensive” and Jackson should reconsider performing it.

Despite all the criticism, Jackson has no plans of stopping this ceremony. When he was asked if he perform the ceremony again, he said:

“Yes I will do it again because that’s their mind. If you’re mind is nasty, then it’s nasty. And I am not going to stop what I’m doing  because you have a nasty mind.”

Jackson claims that what people saw on the video represents the death and burial of the old person and the rebirth of the new person as a bishop.

Watch the video of Jackson’s controversial ceremony up top.




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