Detroit Dad Transforms His Block Into A Play Area For Kids, Adults (VIDEO)

Detroit resident Dan Davis wanted to create a safe space for families to come out and enjoy in their neighborhood. He decided to create a recreational area on old vacant lots next to his home and now he’s being seen as a neighborhood hero.

Davis, 50, set up a homemade movie screen, bonfire pit, swing set, a barbecue grill and workout area on the vacant lot next door to his home. On the lots across the street he set up a go-kart track and athletic field, closed in by a wall of tires.

Davis grew up in the area and as a child often fixed things and cleaned up. His mother made him clean up the trash outside their home. Now as an adult, Davis is giving back to his community by mowing the grass along the streets and making sure that the area stays clean.

He was inspired to take on his neighborhood transformation project after seeing an outdoor movie screen at a local park. He decided to build his own using wood that he spray-painted white, positioned on a metal stand. He uses a projector to play kid-friendly movies and music videos that neighbors can gather and watch together.

To see more of Davis’ project, watch the video up top.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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