Dear Nicki: NEVER Go Back To The Colored Wigs! (PHOTOS)


Nicki Minaj has been rocking a more toned down, natural look lately and we have fallen completely in love with her all over again.

Over the weekend she threw a birthday bash for her 16-year-old brother Micaiah and even made little 5-year-old Miyah’s wish of receiving a pink wig come true.

Although those good deeds are commendable, we can’t help but be fascinated by Nicki’s natural beauty in all of the photos we saw her in.


Nicki, if you’re out there reading this…please don’t ever go back to the colored wigs and pounds of makeup. We know they were apart of your personality and apart of the characters you created, but you look so beautiful without them. We can actually see all of your facial features and the things that make you…you. We understand that you are free to express yourself however you see fit, but we like this version of you.

Sure, you blend in with this rest of us because you aren’t wearing anything that screams “Look at me!” but we don’t care and you shouldn’t either!

Check out more photos of natural Nicki at her brother’s birthday bash below.





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