Dear Love :: My Love, My Muse, My Friend


To my love, my muse, my friend:

… & whenever I’m feeling grateful for you, I simply whisper to the sky knowing angels will safely deliver my message of gratitude to God …

On a day that promotes the finest chocolate, bouquets of the sweetest roses, and sometimes, forced affirmation, I can honetly say: the man I love has always been the man I love. No candy, bouquet, or handbag can change that today, tomorrow, or forever. My smile speaks volumes at the mention of your name. Even as I pen this letter a garden of butterflies blooms in the pit of my stomach; my heart races a marathon for the cause of our love.

To a man that values the very essence of my being, a man that cherishes the good, filters the bad, and renovates the down right ugly, I appreciate you. To the man that encourages as and when in doubt, enhances worth, and contributes to a clearer vision, I cherish you. To a man that sees the strength in my weakest moments and the depth of simple moments shared, I love you. I look forward to continuous memories with you; ones that have founded, tested, and maintained our friendship.

Twisted and tied by old souls, your energy and spirit have left a permanent mark on me. I am fulfilled and relish in the fact that I have loved and been loved. Know that through thick and thin, I reciprocate all that you have given to me; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Intrigued by a formula of mystery, others are fascinated by the unknown. From this equation, we have always and will forever be the constant that remains.

Boy, you are my poison! I’ve been drowning and you showed me how to breathe underwater. This is my latest song, more lyrics to add to our endless soundtrack.

To forever & more adventures, with love,


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