Deadly Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma


A Monday afternoon storm ripped through the Oklahoma City area leaving 24 dead, including 9 children.

The trail of the storm was two miles wide and 17 miles long with the most damage in Moore, Oklahoma, a town with about 56,000 residents. The tornado struck the Newcastle area at 2:56 p.m. Monday – 16 minutes after the first weather warnings went out. Among the buildings stuck by the storm were two schools: Plaza Tower and Briarwood elementaries.

President Obama has vowed to send Oklahoma any aid they may need:

“If there is hope to hold on to — not just in Oklahoma but around the country — it’s the knowledge that the good people there and in Oklahoma are better prepared for this type of storm than most. And what they can be certain of is that Americans from every corner of this country will be right there with them, opening our homes, our hearts, to those in need, because we’re a nation that stands with our fellow citizens as long as it takes.”

This may not be the end of the severe weather. Meteorologists are predicting that parts of Arkansas and Texas could see storms.




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