Dangerously In Love

I’m sure we all remember hearing Beyonce’s chart-topping song back in 2003 and feeling the same way about our own significant other. I was about 15 or 16 at the time, but I definitely thought I was in the type of love she was singing about.
Now, as an aduItand way more experienced in the art of love, I now understand that being dangerously in love is just that – dangerous.
The thing about this type of love that brings about problems is that as and when you’re that “in love,” you have a tendency to become so wrapped up in that love that you forget about yourself and end up losing who you really are. I’m so guilty of this at times, it’s not even funny.
Anyway, before I start airing out my business, losing yourself in a relationship creates an imbalance. It pulls your focus away from everything that makes you, you and pushes your energy toward your desire to have a great relationship.
If your significant other isn’t as “involved” as you are, then you’ll most likely feel as though you’re getting the short end of the stick – but you aren’t. You’re just putting your all (and some) into it and because your relationship is all you do, you feel like your partner isn’t doing enough because he/she has other things going on.
That, in turn, creates unnecessary arguments and actually drives you further apart.
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