Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples


This Halloween, try something new with your boo and have coordinating costumes!

After the fuss of deciding which characters to dress like (guys, be nice and considerate!), it will be rewarding and fun. It can also add something new to the things that you and your significant other have done so try it! Below are some fun costumes that couples can compromise on.

freddy krueger couple

Nightmare on Elm Street Couple: Who hasn’t seen this movie!?! It scared the living daylights out of me as a child and truthfully, it still does scare me a little today. However, this coordinating costume features the classic red striped sweater, hat, burned skin mask for the guy, and the scary hand piece made of knives. You’ll be sure to frighten someone!

egyptian couple

Egyptian Couple: Who wouldn’t want to be Egyptian royalty? Well, here is your chance. These costumes are reminiscent of Cleopatra and King Tut. Cleopatra’s costume is cute (in my opinion) and the guy’s headdress may be over the top for some, but the goal here is royalty so if you’re feeling royal, this is for you and your significant other!

harley quinn and the joker

Harley Quinn and the Joker: I must admit I’ve never seen anyone dress as Harley Quinn so this would be something fresh that not a lot of people are doing. Ladies, if you don’t mind painting your face, you can really get into character with the white face paint. For the shoes, some ankle length boots would be cute. You both can share the white face paint and save. Tap into your inner villain for these characters!

fantasy football couple

Fantasy Football Couple: Men, I know this will be right up your alley. This is a good way to let your man fully enjoy his sports, ladies and shows your support for the team! The man’s costume is similar to that of a referee and the ladies’ costume puts an edgy, yet feminine touch on wearing a jersey style shirt.

firefighter couple

Firefighter Couple: Be hot with your man in this firefighter ensemble! Both costumes have suspenders (which is quite cute by the way on the female outfit). You may find yourself ENCOURAGING the fire between the two of you instead of trying to put it out!

austin powers costume

Austin Powers Ensemble: Feeling groovy? Well, tap into your inner goofy self with this Austin Powers ensemble guys. Don’t forget your accent! Ladies, this is your time to be foxy so pull out all the stops!

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