Cue The Rant: Kanye West…Chill Bro


This is the first installment of “Cue the Rant” so I wanted to express a few things you can expect every week from me. You can expect me to be pissed, brash and open because at the end of the day, I don’t care.

I don’t.


Ask Jessica.

Now, without further a due let me “cue the rant…”

Somebody please tell Kanye West to chill. PLEASE! Every other day I hop online ‘Ye is ranting and raving on and about somebody or something. Yeezy, you’re my favorite rapper and even I’m tired of hearing your mouth.

First he was on stage in Europe yelling and screaming then he threw down his microphone marching off stage. Soon after that at another one of his concerts, he went on a 15 minute (or more) rant, even going in on the new Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z cut “Suit and Tie” and the Grammy awards. And you and Hov supposed to be boys? Fam?

Now he’s pissed because he’s been ranked number 7 on MTV’s annual Hottest MC’s list. He called into HOT 97’s DJ Enuff and complained by saying the judges probably didn’t like the fact that he had changed from his pink polo and backpack wearing days. He also said that they probably didn’t like “Cruel Summer” stating that that wasn’t just his work, but a compilation.

Kanye, you are not always the victim.

Everyone’s not always out to get you. Especially since you complain about everything! It would be different if you didn’t whine so much. It’s to the point now that if I heard you were ranting, I turn my head and ignore it. I could have sworn you said Jay got it through your head not to run your mouth.

And it pains me to see him act like this because if you know me personally, you know Kanye is my favorite rapper of all time. That’s probably because we’re a lot alike. We both like to rant. But even I know as and when to be quiet.

Now this isn’t new territory. Kanye has been ranting since Jay put a microphone in his face in 2004. (“George Bush doesn’t care about black people”). But as the years have gone by he’s getting more and more erratic and borderline disrespectful (the Taylor Swift incident). Not to mention the crazy outfits and eccentric behavior. Kill the kilts and crazy leather Mr. Fashionista. Ranting is good. I love to rant! (obviously). You just need to learn when to say when.

As entertaining as he is, as much as he’s done for the hip hop game and as much as I love Kanye West, He’s gotta learn to shut the hell up. This is because I love ya homie. But…


I’m done. It’s Friday. Don’t forget to cue the Sir Charles.


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