Cue The Rant (Jessica Takes Over): I Don’t Wanna Hear Another Word About A Triflin’ Woman!


I usually don’t do this, but I have to take over Rod’s rant today. I’m ranting on behalf of the ladies, but this is really for all of our male readers out there. Alright guys, listen up…

Cue The Rant

I don’t want to hear another word about a no-good or triflin’ woman. Ever. Like, don’t even bring it up to me because I’m going to give you the hand and maybe even tell you to swerve (yes, I took it there). Before you check my dating history, I’ve had enough experience with men to make my case. Maybe not as much as your average 25-year-old woman, but I have a father, a brother, cousins, friends and a few exes that have helped me learn a thing or two about the way guys work. Men, you have no right to judge a woman for her actions or behavior, especially as and when you made her that way. Speaking on behalf of women, men…you make us the way that we are. Is it always right? Of course not! Are there exceptions to this? Of course there are! But what I’m saying is true for a lot of ladies out there whether you want to accept it or not.

I was once in love a time or two. One ex was in another relationship for months before I found out and the other one totally bamboozled me. Both times there were indications that some shady shit was going on, but I’m reasonable and I try my hardest to give a person the benefit of the doubt. I’m not a cheater by any means so I like to think that the men I deal with understand and respect that and would leave a situation before hurting me. I’m one of those rare good girls from my generation that’s left and I’m starting to really get fed up with these stories I hear of men wanting good women after they’ve been dogs and continue to be dogs. Since when did being bad get you a reward? Oh and I really can’t stand those guys who “hate an insecure woman” but then have other women on the side. Fool! That sends the message to her that she’s lacking something, which in turn does what? Drum roll please…make her insecure! *rolls eyes*

Guys make jokes and wonder why women lurk tweets and Instagram photos, why we investigate before we decide to give you our attention, why some women go through phones and pop up on men at their homes or on their jobs. It’s almost like we have to! Even that guy who said he was different and showed us for a little while (and even made us believe it) turned out to be just like the rest. Can you blame us for always being on edge, feeling like we aren’t good enough or paranoid about every chick that you’re “friends” with? I’m not saying it’s OK for men to pay for another guy’s mistake. But it also isn’t fair to a woman to pay for your hurt either. Trust is everything and people are so careless with it.

Let me end this rant by saying that there are way too many hurt people out there hurting other people. Personally, every man in my life has hurt me. I’m not mad about it nor do I plan to be this “good girl gone bad,” but I do empathize with those women who date men for what they can get instead of for who they are or those women who always have another guy on the side. If man after man hurts her, she’s going to eventually change and usually not for the better. Whatever the case, all this has to stop – and stop soon – otherwise we will never truly be able to feel and experience what real love is.

Guys…cut us a little slack, OK? We didn’t start off as professional social media lurkers and pop up queens, we’ve just had really good training. ;-)

Stay tuned for some special events and projects from JessicaSimien.com that should help us understand each other a little better and hopefully facilitate positive change in your relationships.


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