Could You Date Someone In Jail?

One of my guilty pleasures is watching those prison documentaries that go inside the prisons and talk to the inmates about their lives and the crimes that brought them there.

Every now and then, you’ll find an inmate who is trying to maintain a relationship with someone who is on the outside or in very weird cases, behind bars with them. Relationships are hard enough but adding the pressure of not being able to see your mate, dealing with the fact that they are a criminal and only being able to see them behind a piece of Plexiglas has to add some serious pressure!

Whether or not I could stick with someone who has been sentenced to prison would depend on a WHOLE lot of things. Why he went, for one. How long he’ll be there, for two. And a big contingency would be whether we’re married or not. I’d like to think I would stay with my husband if he didn’t murder anyone or anything and wasn’t going to be gone long – but for a boyfriend? I doubt it. Seriously.

Call me what you want, but I cannot have a prisoner as a man. It wouldn’t work for the type of person I am. On top of that, I’ve seen stories of men who were married and had boyfriends behind bars.

Could you date someone behind bars? Have you ever tried to?

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