Computer Love :: How Has Technology Affected Your Love Life?

A few evenings ago I was tweeting about how nice it would be to sit down and have stimulating, face-to-face conversation with a guy rather than texting him, talking to him briefly on the phone or tweeting back and forth. A fellow blogger, Lincoln Anthony Blades, owner of one of my favorite blogs, This Is Your Conscience, responded to my tweet saying that finding that is almost as hard as finding the remote.

Funny, but he was right. Why is good face-to-face conversation and quality time so hard to find these days?   

Could one of the reasons be because we live in a society where technology rules?

I’ll admit that I am an Internet junkie. My Macbook has a permanent place on my lap and I get so easily consumed in work and researching that I forget that I’m not the only person in the room! On the flip side, I’ve also tried having serious conversations and/or cuddle time and the other person had their phone glued to their hands checking Twitter, Instagram, World Star Hip Hop and more.

Talk about frustrating.

Texting has become a preferred method of communication for various reasons and experts say that it has it pros and cons – but I personally think the cons outweigh the pros.

In my opinion, texting is a cowardly way of avoiding face to face contact. I think it’s a way to avoid something, whether good or bad. Everyone can’t deal with their emotions or express themselves and texting is an easy way to be passive aggressive and let the receiver of the message interpret the text however they may and the sender isn’t accountable for it.

I do think there are some good things about texting, but if that is what a relationship is based solely off of, it gets old real quick, especially to me.

Other technological advances like Skype and Facetime are changing the way we communicate as well. I think these two options are awesome, especially for long-distance relationships or to reconnect and stay in touch. Skype is just fun. It’s always better to attach a face with a voice and see a person’s facial expressions, body language and all that good stuff.

I think technology is good if used properly and in moderation, as with every “good” thing.

What do you think? Has technology ever ruined a past relationship? Has it helped one?

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