Chris Brown’s New Tattoo Sparks Interest, Is It Rihanna?

Just as and when I write something positive about Chris Brown, he goes and does something that has us scratching our heads just like Mr. Ochocinco.

In “crazy ex who can’t get over his girl and will do anything to get attention and possibly win her back news,” the internet is buzzing about his new bizarre neck tattoo.   

Breezy’s new ink depicts a beaten woman and some are speculating that it’s Rihanna. Now…I don’t think he’s THAT dumb to tat a pic of the woman he beat up on his neck, but it certainly raises questions.

A spokesperson for Chris told TMZ that the tattoo is not intended to portray Rihanna, but a random woman instead.

I love Chris Brown, I love Rihanna and I wish they both would just forget what people will say and go ahead and make it official again. But this tattoo in my opinion, is a lack of good judgement on Chris’ part and shows that he has a LOT of maturing to do.

Yeah tattoos are a symbol of self-expression…

Of course it’s his body and he can put whatever he wants on it…

Maybe everyone is overreacting over it…

I get it. But as a man who is in the public eye, scrutinized and criticized for his every move and as someone who clearly has issues with the media and people voicing their opinion, why on God’s green earth would you get a tattoo of a battered woman on your neck when your career was momentarily RUINED because you BEAT your girlfriend, who just happens to be America’s favorite bad girl??!

Do I think the photo is of Rihanna? Not at all. What I think is that Chris had a moment and did something on impulse without truly thinking it through and considering how it could impact him. It makes him look thirsty and publicity hungry, but it’s his body and if he wants to walk around with a memory of what he did looking him in the mirror everyday, who am I to stop him?

What do you think about Chris Brown’s new tattoo?

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