Checking In :: How Many of Your New Year Resolutions Have You Reached?

It’s mid-July, the year is more than halfway over. Remember those New Year resolutions everyone made promising to either get in shape, save money, stop cursing, read the Bible more, or whatever they may be?

How many of your resolutions have you accomplished?

Luckily for me, I only made one resolution as and when the clock struck midnight, and that was to find true happiness in life before the year was over.

I made this resolution after thinking very carefully on the things I wanted to change, improve or get rid of in 2012. I knew that if I aimed for true happiness, I would become a better person all around, thus eliminating the need for other resolutions.

I don’t have true happiness YET, but I’m almost there. I can feel it…and it feels awesome. I can only imagine how it would feel once I reach that total level of happiness.

How are you coming along with your new year resolutions? Have you reached them? If not, what’s preventing you from doing so?

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