Charlamagne Warns Us, #DontBeASnack, Watch Out For the Zombies

This zombie stuff is not funny at all, but every time I see Charlamagne tweet with the hashtag, #dontbeasnack, I laugh! I mean really, imagine someone discussing the recent cannibal attack in Miami and before they end the conversation they tell you to watch out so you won’t become someone’s “snack!” Hilarious!

*clears throat and wipes smile off my face* On a more serious note, there has been talks of a “zombie apocalypse” since 31-year-old Rudy Eugene attacked a homeless man alongside a Miami highway. And as if that wasn’t enough, another zombie-like attack was in the news Thursday.

Morgan State University student, Alexander Kinyua, 31, was charged with the murder of 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie. It’s being reported that Kinyua actually confessed his crime after his father reported Agyei-Kodie missing.

Alexander Kinyua, 21 – Confessed to killing his roommate and eating his heart and brain.

The investigation led back to the family home where portions of Agyei-Kodie’s severed head and hands were found. More remains were found near a church in a trash can.

Kinyua reportedly told police that he had eaten Agyei-Kodie’s heart and portions of his brain. There is no said motive for the killing, but Kinyua’s social media profiles had indicated that he was going through a tough time in his life.

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