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Chapter 28 + My Birthday Project


I’m 28 years old!

Although my birthday was yesterday (November 15), I’m really just grasping the fact that I’m in my late twenties. It’s not because I’m sad about it, it has everything to do with understanding how the concept of time is so elusive.

It seems like just yesterday I was turning 18 and excited about being able to get my belly button pierced and registering to vote. Now I’m running a business and trying to find myself still.

Where did the last ten years go?


Me at 18 hanging out at my high school senior picnic

As I begin Chapter 28 I’ve made some new promises to myself. Instead of doing New Year resolutions, last year I decided to do birthday-to-birthday resolutions in the form of my 100 In A Year project. This year, I’m going to cut the list down to 28 tasks to complete before I turn 29 and as I age, the list will get longer. I’m going to rename it “The Birthday Project.”

My focus this year is to really develop myself as a whole person and continue to walk in the path God has laid out before me. I want to spend some time nurturing and learning myself. After all, I only have one me. I want to take better care of myself and make better decisions.

I know there is no “key” or magic formula for this. My approach will be to do things I’ve always wanted to do and try new things as well to enrich my life. I will also try to do a much better job of documenting it than I did last year lol.

Here’s my new list:

#1: Read my Bible at least 365 times again (I did this last year and it completely changed me) 

#2: Interview my grandmother about her life

#3: Donate blood

#4: Take a romantic walk on the beach

#5: Write a letter to myself to open in five years

#6: Leave 50 inspirational notes on colorful post-its for people to find in random places

#7: Buy a stranger a meal

#8: Complete my family tree

#9: Learn how to swim

#10. Publish another book

#11: Learn to speak another language

#12: Travel by airplane

#13: Interview my Dad for Father’s Day

#14: Interview my Mom for Mother’s Day

#15: Go indoor rock climbing

#16: Take an art class

#17: Have a spa/pampering day

#18: Volunteer at least once a month

#19: Fly a kite

#20: Read a least 12 books

#21: Visit a state I’ve never been to

#22: Do something brave

#23: Take a sewing class

#24: Pay off a debt

#25: Say yes to something I’d normally say no to

#26: Adopt a classroom

#27: Run 1 mile with no break

#28: Attend a concert

We’ll see how this year goes! I’ll also be posting how I did on my list this past year. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!


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