Celebs Celebrate Halloween, Peep Some Of The Best Costumes (PHOTOS)

Celebrities went all out this Halloween recreating their favorite artists and cartoon characters. Check out a few of our favorite costumes below!

photo (19)

Looks like we can see Bey’s halo and baby Blue is a bee protecting the beehive. There’s no telling what’s on their secret agenda.

photo (16)

Reality television star, Toya Wright and her hubby, Memphitz hosted Toya’s masquerade party in Atlanta at Club Voodoo. The couple went as the duo Batman and Robin.

photo (15)

Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim as and when she attended the VMA awards in 1999. We love EVERYthing about this costume, especially the fact that Miley didn’t paint her skin black!

photo (22)

Sandra Bullock and her son, Louis, dressed up as matching skeletons as they attended a Halloween party at Louis’ school.

photo (20)

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan decided to dress as “KimYe” with Baby North in tow.

photo (17)

“Twerk or Treat” is what Paris Hilton tweeted as she dressed as Miley Cyrus, mimicking her outfit from the 2013 VMAs. Hilton attended Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Halloween party at the Playboy mansion.

photo (21)

Ellen Degeneres kicked off her show dressed as the iconic Nicki Minaj, showing cleavage and all replicating the exact outfit Nicki wore when she appeared on Ellen’s show.

photo (18)

Queen Latifah as the renowned Oprah Winfrey! Queen Latifah appeared as Oprah during her Halloween inspired show, mimicking Winfrey by giving her audience toy cars. In 2004, Oprah surprised everyone in the audience with a brand new car. Queen said that Oprah was an inspiration to her and she wanted to recognize a queen.


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