Celebrity News Roundup: Torrei Hart Pens Letter To Kevin Hart + Fabolous Survives Car Accident


We previously reported that Torrei Hart, ex-wife of comedian Kevin Hart, was appearing on a new reality show called Atlanta Exes. We also reported that she did an interview and kind of threw a little shade at his new girlfriend, Eniko. Well, Ms. Hart has not let up.

The Jasmine Brand reports that Torrei took to Instagram to express more of her feelings about Kevin and how they both have moved on. She said:

Our divorce was finalized two years ago and we were only separated 8 months prior to the divorce. Despite what  @kevinhart4real has said and the time frames he is trying to establish Eniko Parrish @neekibaby was his mistress and was one of the reasons that broke up my family. I have more proof but Kevin should just be honest for both of our healing. I want  @kevinhart4real and I to be friends like he portrays we are to the media.

Looks like all is not well between the blended family.

My opinion on this has always been that as and when your ex has moved on and portrays himself to be happy (whether he actually is or not), the best thing you can do is to not acknowledge it. It makes a woman look bitter even if she doesn’t want to be with that man…and no one wants to look bitter so you really have to keep your thoughts, the things you know and feelings to yourself.

I’m guessing that Torrei may be attempting to drum up publicity for her upcoming show, you know everything these days is a publicity stunt.

(Photo: Ray Amati/Getty Images)

(Photo: Ray Amati/Getty Images)

In other news, New York rapper Fabolous was shaken up after a car crash left him with a few bruises and scratches.

Fab, 36, was riding in a black Cadillac Escalade when it collided with an 18-wheeler in Queens, New York. Fab let his 4 million Instagram followers know that he was in an accident and was OK.


He also added:

“It’s a very shocking experience & may change my outlook on how fast things can happen & you’re put into a life threatening situation.”

We’re glad he’s OK!

Via NY Daily

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