Celebrity News Roundup: Tia Mowry-Hardrict Files Lawsuit For Missing Twitter Money + Rihanna Leaves Def Jam AND Instagram


Being paid to tweet on behalf of a brand is very popular among bloggers, public figures and celebrities. Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict was on the bad end of one of these “paid-to-tweet” deals and has now filed a massive lawsuit to make up for damages.

According to several sources, Tia was involved in several deals to post sponsored tweets for certain companies that would make her a profit of over $100,000. The lawsuit claims that the agent Tia hired to handle the contracts allegedly took more than the 10 percent commission they had previously agreed on.

Tia claims that the agent took over half of the money. She’s suing for $60,000 in lost funds and $120,000 in punitive damages.


In other news, Rihanna has to have parted ways with Def Jam and has joined Jay Z‘s Roc Nation.

I was under the impression that she was already part of Roc Nation, but I was wrong. Rihanna was actually managed by Roc Nation (because they manage a number of people who are not signed to their label) but was not officially part of their label. She now appears as an artist on the Roc Nation roster and as a legacy artist of Def Jam on their website. Talk about a power move!

Rihanna has also been stirring up trouble with photo-sharing app, Instagram. After posting photos from her nude spread in Lui magazine, Instagram warned her that her account would be deleted if she continued posting photos with nudity. And out of nowhere, her account was removed! Only time will tell if she’s gone for good, but her account is definitely not active.

Stories via Hello Beautiful

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