Celebrity News Roundup: The Game Has A Secret Child, Eve Gets Married & Blue Ivy Has Supporters


We all know about rapper The Game‘s family life from his reality show Marrying The Game on VH1. It chronicles the life of the rapper and his estranged fiancee Tiffney Cambridge as they raise their children and work on their relationship. Well according to Bossip, the rapper posted on Instagram about his secret love child named Madison on Father’s Day.

He posted:

“Happy Fathers Day to me…….. Ever since I 1st found out I was going to have @harlemtaylor I knew the type of FATHER I could be if given the right tools so while he was in the womb… I worked my ass off to become a millionaire before his birth & just like I set out to do… I made it happen !!! & although the financial aspect was taken care of at that point… That wasn’t even 1/2 of what I needed to be a REAL FATHER. Once he was born, my heart took over & since then I’ve been blessed with 3 other beautiful gifts in @littlemisscali @daddyslilworld & @kingjusticetaylor…. Each of them mean the world to me & as long as God allows me to breathe here on earth.. NOTHING will EVER stop me from being everything these 4 need. Not a tear will hit the ground…. Not a frown will last & any bad day will have to wait til tomorrow because MINE mean THE WORLD to me !!!! It is my life’s mission to make sure they grow to become loving, compassionate & successful adults with all the right tools to survive in a world that can be cruel at times….. Cali, Justice, Madison & Harlem… Daddy Loves You….. & that will NEVER CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Father’s Day to all REAL FATHERS out there….. I appreciate you for helping shape the future….. & for the DEAD BEATS…. It ain’t too late, everything counts… Step it up NOW”

Sources have claimed that Madison is just a daughter of a friend who was killed and he is helping to take care of her. I don’t believe this child is a secret love child at all. Has anyone ever thought that maybe he and who ever else is taking care of her does not want her on television?


In other news, Philadelphia rapper Eve has finally tied the knot to Gumball 3000’s Maximilian Cooper. In a Los Angeles Times post the rapper and her new groom married over the weekend in Ibiza, Spain. The blushing groom later told E! News “I’m so happy to make Eve my wife. The whole experience has been amazing, and we are both so happy to have tied the knot.”

The pair got married at that locale because it is the end of this year’s Gumball rally and that is where the couple met in 2010.

Congrats to the happy couple. We wish you the best!



Baby Blue finally has some support on her side!

There has been a petition going around on the internet for Beyoncé to tame Blue Ivy‘s mane. Bossip reported that there is now a Instagram and Tumblr page called ‘Bey Like Blue.’ The creators of the page have dedicated the page to both women and children dawning their best Blue hair. So far the BeyLikeBlue’s Instagram has 1,000 follows.

First I do not see why there is a petition out about Blue’s hair. She is 2! Why are folks so concerned about what some else is doing with their child? It is obviously not hurting the baby.  Furthermore it’s her natural hair and now a days we are trying to teach each other how to love it but we still have people knocking it down. Get over it! I applaud everyone who is supporting not only Blue Ivy’s hair but the natural hair movement.

Sources: Gossip, LA Times, E! News | Photos: The Game: Bossip, Eve: E! News, Blue Ivy: Bossip

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