Celebrity News Roundup: Tank Gets Petty On Instagram + Jessie J Confirms Relationship With Luke James

Yesterday Chris Brown was in the news for how he blasted the hosts of The Real and now Tank is having a petty party of his own.

The 38-year-old singer posted a photo to his Instagram account of his baby mama posing for maternity shots and as and when one of his followers said she looked like a man, Tank took the opportunity to be petty. Check out the exchange between them below.





I just don’t understand how these celebrities have all this time on their hands to go through all 10,000 or so of their comments to pick one to go back and forth about. Hell, I don’t have time to do that and I’m not as busy from day to day as they are. As a man, Tank has lost all my respect because this wasn’t even that serious. A comment shouldn’t put you in your feelings that much to the point that you verbally attack a woman.

How do you all feel about Tank’s response?



In other news, love is in the air for Jessie J and Luke James.

The two have been publicly flirting with one another and recently confirmed their relationship on Instagram. They both seem happy and smitten over each other. We hope it works!

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