Celebrity News Roundup: Ray J Accused Of Hitting Ex Manager + Memphitz Threatens To Release K. Michelle Sex Tape

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood‘s Ray J is the latest public figure to be accused of putting his hands on a woman.

Ray J’s ex-manager Morgan Hardman took to Instagram to reveal that her and Ray J are no longer friends or business partners. She posted the following message to her account with the caption:


I hate ni**as that beat woman but you never see them putting they hands on no [other] ni**a Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer give a f**k.

Morgan later deleted the post but not before media outlets were able to grab it. If Ray J was abusing her and she decided to leave the situation, good for her. No amount of money is worth that!


By the looks of things, K. Michelle and Memphitz are still beefing.

During K’s time on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she revealed that Memphitz (husband of Toya Wright) had abused her while they were dating in the past. Recently, the story has come back to light after K’s courtroom deposition was released. Some people are citing inconsistencies with K’s story, but Memphitz maintains that her allegations against him have negatively impacted his career and personal life.

He posted an Instagram message teasing his followers about releasing a secret tape, presumably one that belongs to K. Michelle.


He later deleted the messages but I’m still scratching my head.  As a married man, why are you holding on to a bad word tape featuring your ex? I think that is so disrespectful! Then to post it online as if you’re proud of it is taking the disrespect to a totally new level. Also, if you’re trying to prove your innocence in court, it may not be a good idea to seek revenge publicly.


Source: Madame Noire

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