Celebrity News Roundup: Phaedra Addresses Missing Apollo’s Sentencing + Solange Knowles Will Be A Married Woman By This Time Next Week

Word on the street is that Solange Knowles will be taking a walk down the aisle this weekend to marry her boo, Alan Ferguson, a well-known video director.

According to Us Weekly, the wedding is set to take place in New Orleans on Sunday. Solange, 28, and Alan, 51, have been dating for a while but have been publicly silent about their relationship. It’s been said that Alan popped the question during their visit to Jamaica in June for Solange’s birthday.

Congrats to the happy couple!



People were buzzing on social media Sunday night after the seventh season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired after watching the drama between Phaedra Parks and her estranged husband, Apollo Nida.

Since the episode aired, Phaedra has decided to explain her decision to not attend Apollo’s sentencing. She took an opportunity to explain her decision on her official Bravo blog.

On dealing with Apollo’s legal situation:

“Words cannot express the turmoil this situation has caused our family, and I can’t even begin to articulate how hard it has been. When you face a situation like this, you can choose to either break down or stay strong; I chose to stay strong because I have two young children that need a parent to give them stability and keep the ship sailing. I’ve been criticized for not being at Apollo’s hearing, but the truth is I had been there for him in so many ways for such a long time. By the time all of this went down, it was apparent the marriage was over and my focus needed to be exclusively on the wellbeing of our children. I don’t think there’s a parent out there who wouldn’t agree.”

The reactions of her fellow housewives:

“NeNe and Porsha have been extremely supportive of me and very attentive throughout this entire ordeal, and for that I am extremely grateful. Unfortunately, some of the others decided to use my personal crisis as an opportunity to further their own interests and talk to the media to get press for themselves. The lack of compassion was, at times, shocking.”

Kandi even addressed how she felt as a friend to both Phaedra and Apollo:

It’s very hard. Phaedra is always assuming I’m siding with Apollo, which isn’t true. Todd and Apollo became pretty good friends, so I would say he takes Apollo’s side a lot. Todd and I have serious debates over their issues. Sometimes I get to the point where I’m like, “Listen Todd, we shouldn’t be arguing about their problems.” It’s crazy really… At the end of the day Phaedra is my girl. I’m always going to be honest with her about what I think. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion, but it’s not because I’m taking anyone’s side against her. Never that! It always sucks as and when two people that you really like are going through something as crazy as this. I’ve always heard that when a married couple goes through a divorce the people close to them end up going through the divorce with them. I never understood what that meant before, but I do now.

(Sidenote: I wonder if Phaedra is in her feelings about Kandi’s take on things…they’ve always been rather close so that should be interesting.)

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