What Celebrating Others Does For You

We live in a culture where everyone is doing something. Not many people, at least not in my generation, are one trick ponies these days.

Even if they work a regular 9-5 during the day, you can bet that they’re at home cooking up some type of magic at night. From your online boutique owners to your bloggers and rappers and even clothing designers – we all have a hustle.

What happens is that with everyone doing their own thing, the market (especially in small cities like the one I live in) becomes saturated with people hustling the same type of way as you are. It can affect you in one of two ways: by frustrating you or motivating you.

I choose to be motivated by my peers and I celebrate them in return.

Have I always felt this way? I’d be lying if I said yes. When my blog first started to pick up traction toward the end of 2012 and early part of 2013, I was so bothered by all the other bloggers that suddenly started popping up. I won’t say that I was hating on them (I’m not a hater) but I was annoyed by them because I didn’t feel that their intentions were pure. I felt that they were just jumping on the blog bandwagon because they wanted to become popular. It frustrated me because I didn’t want to be looked at as a joke because of all the people who were watering down the craft.

My frustration led me to spend too much mental and emotional energy on those around me and as a result, I couldn’t focus on what I had established. I was too busy trying to make myself distinct, not understanding that I already was.

I read lots of books but the kind of books I was reading changed during this time. Although I already knew that I was special and that no one in this world can do the things that I can do, the way I can do them…these books helped me to start living like I knew it.

Once I got it, I quickly switched gears. Fear is the root of all bad things and negative feelings in my opinion. I was no longer afraid that anyone could take my spot or my shine because I know that’s impossible. God will always place you and keep you wherever you need to be at any given time. If you aren’t there…it’s because you’re not supposed to be.

I became a lot more open to helping other bloggers, I joined blogging networks and I made friends with bloggers. And I did these things with pure intentions and a genuine heart. Immediately, I became more successful.

When you celebrate others, you free yourself to be happy. Why would you want to be anything else? To celebrate means to praise or honor publicly. When you truly celebrate someone, you’re creating an atmosphere where good vibes flow and it’s contagious. It flows from you to the next person and so on.

Celebrating others also encourages them and gives you good karma. One of the first lessons of entrepreneurship that you’ll learn is that everyone is not going to be in your corner or support you. Even those who fake like they do will eventually show their true colors. So genuine support will become rare and those that you’ve encouraged or helped will remember and genuinely do the same for you.

I’m challenging you to spread the love and support to your peers this week! I promise it will free you from any negative feelings you have about your own hustle.

Have you ever struggled with celebrating others? Share with me in the comment section below!

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