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Transform Your Living Space With PIXERS

When you’ve been living in one place for years, your surroundings can become a little boring. Some people do full redesign projects while others opt to change paint colors or add new furniture pieces here or there. Personally, I rearrange my bedroom and living room about three times a year just to shake things up.

Whatever your preference is, you can probably agree that transforming your living space gives you a boost of energy that can be beneficial for your mood and creativity. So today I’m sharing a clever way for you to shake up your space fairly quickly and easy.

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Why You Should Get Excited When Trouble Comes Your Way

In my short 29 years of life there’s one fact that I’ve come to learn and accept: as sure as you’ll live to see day after day, you’ll also see troubles in your life from time to time.

Of course it feels great to imagine our days consistently stress-free, picture perfect and easy but that’s not reality nor can I think back to any mantra, scripture or quote that promised us it would be that way. We can even “choose” to not let people, things and situations stress us out, but the possibility that they will or that those situations would even arise still remains.

So what do we do about it?

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Who You Associate With May Be Infecting You

Continuing in the spirit of kicking off the new year with a new mindset, let’s tackle a topic that plays a larger role in our lives than we sometimes realize or even want to acknowledge.

I used to get really defensive as and when someone would try to give me advice about people I considered myself friends with or who I associated with. I was defensive mostly because I’ve always thought I was pretty good at choosing the right people to be around but I also didn’t like hearing that maybe I’d gotten it wrong. But as with most things in life, you live and you learn and I’ve learned that you can’t take associations lightly.

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A Gift Guide For The Motorcycle Lover In Your Life

Thank you to Bike Bandit for sponsoring this post, visit them for all your powersports needs! 

The Christmas holiday is upon us so you know what that means, gift buying time. It can be a difficult task to find the perfect gift for the people you love and care about. You want to make sure it’s something they’d actually like and will use in the coming months, if not longer.

One way to help the buying process is to think about they’re interested in. That’s why I’ve created this gift guide as an example. Is there a motorcycle lover in your life? On your gift list?

Check out some cool and functional gifts to put under the Christmas tree for them below.

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