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What’s Inside My December Bump Box?

Thank you Bump Boxes for sponsoring this post. Visit them online to receive 30% off your first subscription and free shipping. 

Words cannot describe how excited I was to receive my first Bump Box in the mail! I’ve been reading about all the different subscription services available for pregnant women and Bump Boxes was by far the most attractive option. What I like the most about the service is that it’s totally focused on you. As a mom-to-be, a lot of your gifts will be centered around the baby and trust me – they’ll be more than welcome – but if you’re a first time mom like me, you may feel left out at times. And Bump Boxes addresses that.

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Countdown To Baby, First Time Mommy Life

Countdown To Baby: Pregnancy Update (Weeks 19-22)

I’m back with another pregnancy update and stuff is starting to get real. *blank stare*

My body is transforming right before my eyes, I can feel my son moving all day and night and people are starting to call me “mama.”

I did a much better job with taking notes for this particular time frame and as and when I’m not feeling my best about things, I always go back to these posts and look at my milestones and best moments. So just as they are entertaining you and for some, helping…they’re helping me also.

So let’s get right to it!

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