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Event Alert: TAPS 5th Anniversary All Class Showcase On November 3

Come out to the Russell C. Davis Planetarium on Thursday, November 3 for the Thick And Proud Sisters (TAPS) 5th year anniversary, All Class Showcase hosted by Nardo Blacktastic and yours truly.

TAPS was founded in 2012 by Funmi “Queen” Franklin and their mission is to “destroy the ideas taught to us by this society that beauty belongs to women who have small frames. We disagree and we are going to show the world that being over a size 14 can still be beautiful, bad wordy and classy.”  Continue Reading

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Living No Lye Tour Mississippi Recap + What’s In My Bag?

Team Natural’s Living No Lye Tour 2016 made a stop in Jackson on Saturday, July 16 at the King Edward Hotel and I was there to experience all the fun!

From the moment I walked into the hotel’s doors I could hear buzzing from upstairs where the event was held and I could see afros and puffs moving above the balcony. I was excited and honored to attend because no beauty related events of this magnitude ever come to Mississippi so it was important for me to support so that they’d be inclined to return.  Continue Reading

Events, Sponsored, Style & Beauty

EVENT ALERT: Living No Lye Tour In Jackson On July 16

I’m so excited for the Mississippi installment of Team Natural‘s Living No Lye Tour!

I’ve watched this event take place around the country in New York and Los Angeles and abroad in London and I wished for an opportunity to attend an event of its magnitude here in Jackson and my wishes were granted.

On July 16 (tomorrow) the Living No Lye Tour will take place at the King Edward Hotel in downtown Jackson. The tour features interactive workshops where visitors will have a chance to learn about products, get a personalized hair care regimen, learn hair growth techniques and more.

The event will feature Team Natural’s founder Constance Cash, Chemist & Beauty Expert Sister Scientist, Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger Vaughn, Beauty Blogger Tiffany Brown and Blogger, Natural Chica (Nikki Mae). I’m especially excited to see Nikki Mae because she’s the reason I decided to big chop. I literally watched every video she’d published prior to my first big chop in 2011.

To purchase tickets for the event, click here.

Disclosure: This post is being brought to you by Team Natural. This website is a media partner for the Mississippi tour event.


Did MS Leave You Out? Documentary Explores What Happened When Mississippi Refused To Expand Medicaid

Most Americans are familiar with the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” that was passed by Congress and then signed into law in 2010. In 2012, the Supreme Court made a final decision to uphold the health care law.

The intent of the law was to provide access to affordable health coverage to everyone, provided that each state expands their Medicaid programs so that low-income people would be able to get Medicaid. Because the Supreme Court made it optional for states to expand their Medicaid programs, some states did not.

Mississippi was one of them, with Gov. Phil Bryant to blame.

A new documentary produced by Kristian Weatherspoon, Aaron Phillips and Roderick Red explores the consequences of Mississippi’s refusal to expand the state’s Medicaid program. Mississippi’s refusal to expand the program has left almost 140,000 people in the coverage gap. These people include fast food workers, hairstylists and barbers, construction workers, day care workers and more.

The documentary – MS Left Me Out – follows Tameka, a hardworking young mother who falls in the coverage gap.

Watch the trailer for the film below.

MS Left Me Out – Official Trailer from Red Squared Productions on Vimeo.

“Im just really excited about being able to help tell these stories of people who otherwise wouldn’t have a big enough voice,” says Roderick Red, the director and producer of MS Left Me Out. “Healthcare is so important to everyone obviously, and we just want to make sure people understand whats going on and see the ramifications of decisions being made by our state leaders on a basic level.”

MS Left Me Out will premiere on Wednesday, May 18 from 7 – 9:30 PM at the Jackson Convention Complex. The event is free and open to the public and will feature a brief panel discussion with top policy professionals, legislators and healthcare officials in the state.

For more information about Mississippi Left Me Out, visit their website at

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(VIDEO + DOWNLOAD) The Hood Hippie Hosts Listening Session For ‘Sativa Symphonics 2’

Last Wednesday hip-hop and culture website, The Hood Hippie, released its annual mixtape at a 4/20 themed listening session at Jackson hotspot, Offbeat.

I was actually very excited to cover this event for a few reasons. Mainly because I’d never officially celebrated the “national cannabis culture consumption” holiday, but I’m always thrilled to see my favorite local artists perform AND Offbeat is my favorite hangout spot here in town. Win times three!

The listening session featured performances by Dave the Rapper, T Lo Da Champ, Quavius Black and more. There was also a preview of Sativa Symphonics 2 and plenty of weed, edibles and snacks to go around.

Sativa Symphonics 2 is a compilation of tracks featuring Mississippi’s hottest, rising talent. “We wanted to help local artists that people have probably never heard of by giving them a chance to have their music on a tape with other artists,” says Will, one half of The Hood Hippie. “This year we wanted it to be a listening experience so we decided to throw a party along with the release on 4/20.”

You can listen to and download Sativa Symphonics 2 below.

To connect with The Hood Hippie, visit their website at, follow them on Instagram @TheHoodHippieMS.

What did you think of the mixtape? Share your favorite track in the comment section!

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