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7 Business Habits That Will Keep You Broke

I vowed that I would get my stuff together with my businesses and I’ve been plotting and working on since some new things I want to try for about six months now. The main thing I’ve been working to correct about my own business is getting rid of some of the bad habits that have led to me not making the money I should be making (if any at all).

The list I’ve come up with below describes some of the habits we can let ourselves pick up at the expense of our wallets. I know being in business isn’t all about the money, but money is a huge factor. It’s how we provide for ourselves and our families, pay off debts, how we can remain in business and treat ourselves if we want (or need) to.

These habits are some that I’ve unfortunately struggled with but they also are things I’ve experienced on the receiving end as a customer. Let’s go through seven habits that we need to break today.

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[REGISTER] Let’s Get Social: A Comprehensive Social Media Workshop For Small Business Owners & Creatives

Simien Media Group (my public relations and media agency) is proud to announce its first workshop of the year, Let’s Get Social!

If your brand is not a regular on social media not only are you severely behind the times, you’re completely missing out. Social media is a free tool that allows you to make it easier for customers and potential customers to find you, connect with your audience on a personal level and increase your sales. On the flip side, you may be posting on social media regularly but without a real plan therefore you aren’t getting the results you’d hoped for.

If either of those scenarios describe you or if you want to learn more about the most popular platforms and how to “work” them, this workshop is for you.

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The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Soliticing Services From A Creative

I don’t know about you but for some reason I’ve felt so much positivity around the start of this year. It could be because I’ve been working on 2017 since mid-2016 and I’m excited because the year is finally here, but something definitely feels different for me and I wanted to extend the feeling to you.

I decided that I would revolve my posts around having a new mindset during this first month of 2017. Mindsets are everything because we behave and live our lives based on what we believe. Depending on who you are and what you actually believe, that isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes we believe things that are untrue or not conducive to our growth and other times we can believe in the best and it actually shows up in our lives.

When it comes to being a business owner, what we believe both as owners and consumers plays a huge part in how our businesses and other businesses survive. I’ve found that in the “creative” industries such as blogging or other careers that involve less tangible skills and services, people don’t believe the right things. So as creatives, we are often frustrated, overworked and underpaid. If you’re someone who frequently works with creatives (or plan to in the future), this post is for you.

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I’m Now Accepting New Blog & Business Clients For 2017

I know you’ve seen the photo floating around on Instagram but in case you haven’t, I’ll go ahead and let you know that:

If you haven’t already started working on 2017, you’re already late.

While that may come across harsh, it’s actually very true. I’ve learned from personal experience that failing to plan properly will impact your success no matter what you’re aiming to do. Whether we like it or not, we live in an extremely fast paced society and our attention spans are much shorter than past generations. Not only that, so many things are competing for our attention that we only invest time into what really stands out, what’s consistent and targeted to our varying interests.

And those reasons are why you should invest in strategic planning for your blog or business now, while there’s still time to put things into place.

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