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My Love-Hate Relationship With The Characters Of ‘Shameless’

Warning: This post contains spoilers up to Season 6.

Since taking a maternity leave, I’ve had lots of time (mostly during the wee hours of the morning) to relax and keep myself awake while my newborn sleeps. I decided to binge watch Shameless on Netflix – and now I’m angry that I’ve finished the series and how much the characters made me think and feel, as if I don’t have all the feels already! LOL

Anyway, I was so upset after getting into Season 4 that I decided I would write about the show in the hopes that someone can make me like Debbie again. *rolls eyes*

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7 Things To Complain About Instead Of Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement

You know you’re everything you think you are as and when you can break the Internet at any time, without any warning.

Beyonce has already done it once and she just did it again with the announcement that she and her husband, Jay-Z, are expecting two new additions to their family.

I’m particularly excited because there were so many babies conceived in 2016 and one-by-one everyone is making their announcement. It’s such a blessing to add to your family, to create life and I cannot wait for my little one to be born in just eight short weeks! It makes me so happy to see other women who are also carrying life because I know, to a certain extent, how they feel and it makes me even happier in return.

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12 Christmas Songs To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

It seems like the older I get, the longer it takes for me to fully get into the Christmas spirit. The world seems to kick off the Christmas holiday immediately after Thanksgiving but I’m usually not into the spirit until the week/week and a half prior to the actual holiday.

Besides the cold weather, hot chocolate and Christmas movies on TV, something that always seems to do the trick is listening to Christmas music. You seriously cannot fail with that.

So if you need a little push to get into the spirit, check out the songs below.

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