Breaks Are For B*****s


I have a major pet peeve. Like, it’s one of the worst things someone could do to me.

I cannot stand for a person to beat around the bush or talk around something that they really want to say.

Whenever someone is having a conversation with me and they get to talking around a subject, I always blurt out something like, “Say what you have to say” or “Man (woman) up! Just say it and stop beating around the bush!” The two times I hate this the most is as and when it’s a business conversation or a conversation with someone I’m dating, which brings me to today’s topic, courtesy of Lincoln Anthony Blades (This Is Your Conscience) – breaks are for b*****s.

Wanting to take a break in a relationship is about one of stupidest things my significant other could ever approach me with.

Taking a break essentially means that we will begin seeing other people, yet remain loosely committed to each other on top of all the unresolved issues and emotions that we have between us. Sounds stupid right? One party is going to get a little too comfortable with the break and the other party will be super jealous or heartbroken (or both) and it will only lead to other problems. Besides, when someone says they want to take a break, they usually want to break-up completely but they’re too much of a b**** to just go on and cut things off or they’re trying to save the other person’s feelings.

Don’t try to save my feelings, just leave! More than likely my feelings will end up getting hurt even more in the long run with a “break.”

Lincoln says:

“The reality of the situation is that a relationship in peril needs to END so that both parties can attempt to move on and see if there truly is better out there or recognize if the happiness they always wanted was really with the person they were just with, but let immaturity, raw emotions and pride get in the way of building a successful relationship.”

I totally agree. If your relationship is so bad that you need a break, just end it and move on. If after the heat dies down you realize you want to get back with that person, then you two should be adults and work together to make the relationship better. Don’t just leave someone hanging, waiting on you to decide what you want.

Read Lincoln’s article here: Don’t Tell Me You Want A Break – Just Pick Up And Leave

What do you think about taking breaks? Have you ever done it before? If so, how did it work out for you?

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