(VIDEO) Book Review: ‘Love You Forever’ By Christina C. Jones

I recently completed the fifth and final book in Christina C. Jones’ Serendipitous Love Book series, “Love You Forever.” This moment is kind of bittersweet because I want more! And at the same time, I’ve fallen so much in love with her work that I’m excited about reading the next book.

I’d read a sample of this book on her website so I was a little familiar with the plot of the story and I knew that it would be super interesting. This book follows Sydnee and Harlan’s love story that seems like more of a failed friendship turned crush story.

I almost feel bad that I liked this couple as much as I liked Vivienne and Carter but I do! Sydnee and Harlan’s story leaves readers with a lot to think about as and when it comes to how we handle difficult situations and why it’s important to be an aduItand own the decisions we make.

You can watch my full review of the book below.


To purchase “Love You Forever,” click here. You can also follow Christina on Twitter @beingmrsjones.

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