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Book Review: ’10 Secrets Of Being A Lady’

Thank you to The 10 Secrets for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

The 10 Secrets of Being a Lady is the book that your daughter needs under the tree this year. Inspired by the author’s own daughter, this book highlights the manner in which mother’s try to be their best for their children and children try to be their best for their mothers.

I was so excited to receive a copy to share with you all, keep reading for my thoughts on the book!

Book Details:

  • Genre: Children’s Books
  • Hardcover: 59 pages
  • Publisher: BySheba, LLC

Synopsis (from website)

The 10 Secrets of Being a Lady is children’s book for all ages reminding women of their roles in society, which start in the home. The story was expressly created to encourage dialogue and impart wisdom through family generations.

Opening the cover of this beautiful story you will meet a little girl named Ava who, like many young girls, loves secrets. Ava’s mother, who works tirelessly to guide her daughter, realizes the time has come to share her secrets (words of wisdom) with her daughter about putting forth her best. The mother creates this special book from the same life lessons that she learned from her mother. The character strengths discussed in 10 Secrets of Being a Lady range from radiating confidence and being sincere to speaking deliberately and maintaining your appearance. (Continue reading)

My Thoughts

The 10 Secrets of Being a Lady is a modern-day children’s book written by Sheba Matheu. Aside from the beautiful illustrations by Meredith Rushing, this book is one that you must include on your bedtime reading list for your little lady or the little lady in your life.

The book is written poetry-style and it includes some words that might not yet be in your daughter’s vocabulary (like exuberance and verbiage for example), so I would advise parents of children who are still learning to read and develop their vocabulary to read along with your child.

I like that the secrets are approached from the mother’s point of view and the daughter’s. It leaves room for you to talk to your little lady about what it means, how she’s already experienced it and so on. My favorite offering in the entire book besides the secrets themselves is the glossary that was included to teach readers some of those tough words that I mentioned below.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I wish there were a version for little boys. If you’re interested in learning more about the book, visit their website here. You can purchase your own copy on Amazon below. For every purchase of the book, a contribution is made to the Girls Inc. Foundation.

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