Blurred Lines

One of the best things you can have in this world is an understanding.

When you have an understanding about something or with someone, you comprehend whatever it is that is being told or shown to you or something that has happened or will happen. You know without a doubt your role in the relationship and by continuing to be a part of it, you agree to fulfill the requirements, if any, of whatever that role may be.

I’m an “all or nothing” person and although it can sometimes mess up the flow of things, particularly with romantic relationships, I like to define what I’m doing with someone. I don’t do well with blurred lines. Blurred lines will have you losing money, making enemies and they can even get your feelings hurt. In the words of Sweet Brown, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” 

Establishing an understanding between two parties saves both from a lot of unnecessary bullsh*t down the line. It can be uncomfortable or a little premature to try and define a business or personal relationship as and when it has just gotten off to a start, but it really is best in the long run for everyone involved. When you take the emotional discomfort out of the picture, it makes perfect sense. For example, would you make a payment to an event planner for your company or private event without ever meeting with them and talking about what type of event you want to host and whether or not they can actually pull it off?

I didn’t think so.

If you’re smart you would research their work, have a meeting, discuss the plan, feel each other out, make a decision on whether or not you want to work with that particular planner, sign a contract then make a payment.

I’ve found that people who don’t want to have an understanding and prefer to just leave things open either are sneaky, not telling the whole truth or don’t really know what they’re doing period. Either way, I don’t put much trust in those people and I definitely don’t buy into what they’re trying to sell. I don’t like to be burdened with worrying about whether or not I’m doing the right thing or working/associating with the right people. As a business owner, my time and energy is better invested into making money and moving forward…and as a lover…well, I just don’t like my time wasted.

If you aren’t on the same page, isn’t that counterproductive? Besides that, who in their right mind would agree to something with a business or a person without making sure they understand the terms? That would be how you lose that money and make those enemies I talked about earlier.

The smartest thing to do when it’s all said and done is to immediately eliminate confusion by clearing up any blurred lines. If that’s uncomfortable or too much for someone interested in any type of relationship with you – business or personal/romantic – then tell them thanks, but no thanks. Trust me, if you don’t establish the understanding early, you will later and it’s gonna be a lot more uncomfortable for you at that point. Save yourself the drama!

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