Blogging 101: Don’t Take It Personal

If you haven’t launched your blog yet because you feel a certain level of anxiety, apprehension or nervousness then know that you are not alone. Many aspiring bloggers find themselves in a statue-like state as and when it comes to clicking the publish button.

And it’s all because of fear.

Fear of what, exactly?

Well it’s a lot of things wrapped into one. I know because I experienced it before I launched this site.

Most first-time bloggers put off launching their site because of the fear of putting it all out there, and I’m not necessarily referring to their personal business. The success of a blog, by whatever measures you consider to be successful, depends majorly on other people. And that fact freaks would-be bloggers out to the point of not pursuing something that they truly want to do.

When I first started blogging, I wrote just for myself and never shared it. It had a lot to do with me just wanting to write in the beginning. After a while, there came a time when I wanted to chime in on hot topics and ask people what their thoughts were and I felt the very fear I’m talking about in this post. When I finally did launch, I played it so safe that I didn’t really get as far as I could’ve.

With that said I want to share some insight.

Don’t let fear paralyze you from blogging if it’s something you really want to do. You’ll have a lot more support than you could even expect, even from people who don’t know you personally. And like my friends have always told me, the people who won’t support you aren’t the people you should care about anyway.

There will be criticism, there will be hatred, there will be jealousy, there will be people who copy your ideas and try to dress them up as their own and there will be days when you don’t get as much traffic or engagement as you may have hoped you would.

But you can’t take it personal.

I know it’s hard not to because you’re sensitive about your work (we all are) but if you dwell too much on it, it can be detrimental to your success.

Let me let you in on a secret.

I get hate comments and criticism on a regular basis. I’ve even had someone to create a fake Twitter account pretending to be me and other people creating fake accounts just to harass me online. If I let what they did/do get to me, I would’ve stopped a long time ago. It took me some time to get to a place of being able to brush it off but I now understand that I really am an influencer and someone to keep your eye on. Otherwise who would put such effort into telling me how I’m not?

Think about it. Do you know how much you have to go through to create fake accounts with fake emails and then find random posts to leave comments on after you’ve actually taken the time to write the comment? That’s a lot of energy!

So I consider it an indication of my reach and I’m telling you to do the same.

Let’s put your fear into another scenario.

Imagine that you pitched a brand or applied for a campaign and you didn’t get the green light. You can’t take that personally either. What you can do is look at it as an opportunity to make your blog better, your presence stronger and be more confident and thorough in your next pitch. Everything is a learning experience.

Your Turn!

I’d love to know if you ever dealt with taking things personally as a blogger. What happened? How did it turn out? What advice do you have to add? Share it in the comments section below.

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