Beyonce Teams Up With Pepsi, Signs A $50 Million Deal

Who said becoming a mother meant that you had to slow down your career?

In a $50 million deal with Pepsi, Beyonce has become the newest brand ambassador of the popular drink brand.

The 31-year-old singer and actress first worked with the company in 2002, serving as a spokesperson but now she’s their new “it” girl. She’ll be starring in a TV spot for the brand and supermarkets around the world will have cardboard displays of the singer near their Pepsi products.

I’m SO getting one of these cans!

In what (I think) is the most exciting part of the deal (other than the 50 million), Bey’s image will appear on a limited edition Pepsi can which will debut in Europe in March 2013. She’ll be helping the company come up with new designs for their bottles and cans, along with photo shoots and commercials to help promote the brand.

Congrats Bey! I don’t drink Pepsi…I am way too attached to Coca Cola. But I do wonder what she’ll do with all that money…invest in a new business? Maybe put it away for Blue Ivy’s college education?

What do you think Bey will do with the money? Does she make you want to drink Pepsi?



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