Being Yourself Is Always Good Enough


As a blogger, I get a chance to meet lots of cool people and attend fun events. Occasionally I will get off into a sidebar conversation that leaves me thinking about it days later. That’s exactly what happened last week during my interview with one of Mississippi’s emerging hip hop artists, Silas.

We were talking about his name change (he first introduced himself to the music world as Trey Parker) and what made him do it after using his former stage name for so long. In so many words, he basically said that he wanted to just be himself and not feel that he had to live up to the expectations of who people thought he should be. I couldn’t have agreed more. 

With so many societal influences on how we should think, behave and feel, it can be really hard to feel like being who you really are is good enough.

I know it is for me sometimes.

I’m told all the time by all kinds of people what THEY think I should do or who THEY think I should be like. The reality is, no one’s opinion of me or who I am as a person really matters. Of course I want people to feel like they can relate and connect with me but I want them to connect and relate to the real me…not someone else’s version of me, so I totally understand what Silas was saying during our interview.

I say all the time that as people we should be excited about what makes us different from everyone else in the world. We should be excited because there is no one else on the Earth who can be who we are! Why would you want to change that? Be yourself and be true to your heart’s desires and wishes and continue doing things that make you happy in your own way.

You have only one life, don’t spend it being someone else or someone else’s version of you. Just be you! :)


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