Being A Boss: Hire Tough, Manage Easy

As an entrepreneur, I’m always soaking up new information on how to be the best at what I do and ways to make my company better. One lesson that has stuck with me is to “hire tough and manage easy.”

I started the JessicaSimien.com Internship Program for two reasons. First, I wanted to give students and grads an opportunity to get real world experience by putting the skills they learned in the classroom to use. Secondly, the internship program is the only way to be hired into my company, like an extended interview so to speak. I’ve learned that in a normal interview a person will say whatever they think will get them the job. They will smile and hand in their resume and boost you up until you’re telling them that they’ve gotten the gig. 

By having potential employees go through an internship program, I get to see them in action – on their good days and bad days. I can really get an idea of who they are and if they fit into my brand or will represent it in a way that makes me proud to say they are a part of my team. This leaves me with the best of the best…team members who are fresh out of college and eager to work…team members that I’ve been able to build relationships with and who understand my vision and will remain loyal. In return, of course I will be loyal to them and be there to help in whatever ways I can.

The second part of the lesson – manage easy – is also super important. When you hire tough, you don’t have to spend a lot of time managing someone. They are equipped with the tools and “know-how” they need to get them job done and more. This decreases stress and drama. Who doesn’t want to manage easy?

I must also mention something else that goes along with hiring people to work for you. If you have any doubts about someone, pass on them and find someone else. You really have to trust your instinct. I’ve had this happen to me more than once already. From the start I had doubts and ended up having to let the individuals go anyway. I could’ve saved myself and them some time, right? Never, ever lower your standards just to fill a position. You will regret it later.

Make it an honor for someone to be on your team, because after all, it is right?


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