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Beauty Tip :: Applying And Removing False Eyelashes The RIGHT Way + Video Tutorial

I recently wore false eyelashes for the first time. I have naturally long and voluminous lashes so there was no reason for me to use them. Lately though I’ve been walking on the wild side and being more adventurous and risk-tasking so why not try them?

The thing is, I can apply my right lash perfectly but the left one always looks janky. I went over to Beautylish and found some tips on applying lash strips the right way from makeup artist Belinda Zollo and thought I’d share them.

STEP ONE: The first step is to measure the lashes to make sure it fits your eye. If the strip is too long, cut the outer edge off with small scissors. If you don’t cut them, you risk them drooping or poking you in your eye (that happened to me and it’s very uncomfortable).

STEP TWO: Holding the edges, bend the strip into a C shape to help mold the curve into a natural curvy eye shape so they will be easier to apply.

STEP THREE: Apply your glue onto the strip. Some glue brands come with an easy apply brush that you can glide across the lash. If you don’t have steady hands, use a cotton ball to brush the glue onto the lash. Make sure to use a generous amount (but not too much) on the inner and outer corners.

STEP FOUR: Place the lash strip on your natural lash line once the glue becomes sticky. Apply it on top of your real eyelashes, not on your eyelid. The glue will dry clear so don’t worry about it showing as you apply.

STEP FIVE: Apply mascara to blend the false lashes with your natural ones and you’re done!

REMOVING THE LASHES: Make sure you remove the lashes before you remove the rest of your eye makeup. Dab the eyelashes with an oily makeup remover to loosen up the glue and peel them off working from outer to inner corner.

I would even add to these tips to put your makeup on first and go ahead and line your eyes with liner in case the lash isn’t close enough to your natural lash line. Check out the YouTube tutorial up top for a visual step-by-step guide. Good luck!

SOURCE: Beautylish


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