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Battle Of The Tresses: Deciding To Relax Your Hair Or Stay Natural

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Many years ago, having a long, shiny hair was indeed in high demand and many women were in love with relaxed hair. However, time has brought forth a lot of change in this trend so transitioning to natural from relaxed hair is now considered a new craze of many people.

I’ve had so many people, males and females ask me why I decided to “go natural.” I’m unsure of what this means, so my answer to them is always the same. I have decided to “go natural” for my health and to embrace a lifestyle change toward an overall healthier me.


I’m befuddled to see that men and women still have a complex about individuals wanting to start their natural hair journey. I rocked a relaxer for many many years and never would I bash someone or speak to them in a condescending tone because their hair doesn’t look like mine. I haven’t “gone natural.” I have simply allowed my hair to take on its original course. This is just how MY HAIR grows.

If you are someone who is looking to embrace your natural tresses, ask yourself these for questions.

Am I ready to accept my texture?
Am I ready to spend more time on my hair?
Am I ready to experiment with different products?
Can I deal with the negativity?

Lastly, know before you decide to go natural it’s YOUR personal decision. Friends, family, co-workers, and sometimes significant others may not welcome your new natural look, but stick by it and wear it with CONFIDENCE.


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