Bag Lady, You Gone Miss Yo’ Bus…

photo 1 (1)Bag Lady, you gone hurt yo’ back
dragging all them bags like that…

I was listening to Erykah Badu’s timeless hit “Bag Lady” a few days ago and I realized that there are some bags that I need to drop off. If you’ve never listened to the song before, it’s about the emotional baggage that women tend to carry around and how it affects their lives and man…she made it really, really plain.

Think about a time you’ve left WalMart or Target or maybe the mall from a day of shopping and you had to carry tons of bags to your car. Depending on how heavy they are, you may need a basket for them. If you opt out of using the basket and try to carry them, the plastic they’re in thins from the pressure and starts to leave a mark around your wrist or arm from you carrying it. As you’re walking, the bags constantly bounce off your legs making it hard to walk or brushing other pedestrians if they’re close to you.

Now, take the grocery items out of the bag and replace them with all the things you’ve gone through in life that you haven’t properly dealt with.

Get it now? 

I can only speak for myself but in the words of Badu, I have to “pack light.” If I don’t drop off some of these bags – fear of failure, trust issues, being too controlling, fear of vulnerability, choosing the wrong men, weight issues, being uncomfortable with asking people to pay me what I deserve, etc. – I’m gonna miss my bus. In fact, I run the risk of missing a lot of buses…success, a happy marriage, total happiness.

These bags can also be generational curses…things that will plague your family for years and years. Don’t believe it? I’ve watched it happen in a couple of families. I don’t have children but if I am ever blessed with a child, the last thing I’d want is to raise my child to hold some of the same bags I held.

So my challenge for you is to join me in dropping off one of our bags. Let’s try one bag every three months. Choose one and really deal with it. Acknowledge that it exists and it’s blocking you from moving forward in some capacity.

Don’t miss the bus.



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