Baby Bump Watch :: Lil’ Kim Reveals Pregnancy


Lil’ Kim showed up to a New York Fashion Week event with a baby bump!

The 39-year-old rapper told guests at The Blonds’ after-party where she was performing that although she was a mom, she could “still turn up.” According to reports, she revealed that she was a few months along but has not mentioned who the child’s father is.


Maybe it’s just me, but people will do anything to stay relevant these days. Everything has to be this huge publicity garnering announcement. Ciara was the last celebrity (that I know of) who did it and even though we’re reporting on it (because we have to give you celebrity news), this trend is getting old.

Why can’t the paps just randomly catch you walking down the street and everyone notices you’re pregnant these days? Do you have to book a television interview or public appearance to announce it? And then pose in every photo with your hand underneath your belly? I wonder how I will announce my pregnancy if I’m ever blessed to carry a child. I doubt I’ll be famous enough to have a big of a reveal as these ladies.

Anyway, congrats goes out to Lil’ Kim! LOL

Source: CBS News | Photos: Getty Images

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