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Knowing Your Zone: How To Avoid Being Just A Friend


I was watching MTV’s Friendzone last night. Not because I enjoy the show or anything, it was the only thing on at two in the morning.

Anyway, the show is basically about a person who wants to tell their best friend how they like them more then just friends and how they want to be with them and stuff. They pretend they are going on a date and ask their friend to coach them, as and when in reality, the date is for the friend all along. On most of the episodes I’ve watched, the friend usually tells them they don’t feel the same way. Then the person who planned everything out goes off crying or is depressed. I find it all funny…in a cruel kind of way.

All of these people have the same thing in common. They are COWARDS!

Had they been open from the jump, they probably would have had a better chance with their friend. But naw. They want to wait years and months just to tell their best friend how they feel. After a while, you’re put in the friend zone. That’s brother/sister territory. There ain’t no coming back after that…unless you’re lucky, and we both know there aren’t too many lucky people in the world.


So after watching the show, I’ve decided to make a list of things you can do to avoid being just a friend. Feel free to takes notes.

Tip #1. Be Honest From the Jump: This is the simplest thing to do. Being honest about how you feel early will help you avoid pain later. There is no need to go around crushing on someone for years without them knowing. This isn’t elementary school! This is real life. People always say they don’t want to ruin their friendship by telling their feelings, but if you tell them in the beginning, there isn’t much for you to ruin. Plus, your friend will appreciate you being honest with them.

Tip #2. Be a Little Thirsty: It’s alright to be thirsty. Especially in this situation. I’m not saying you need to follow them around and be under their armpit 24/7. And I’m not saying you need to lurk their Twitter and Facebook either. That will get you dropped. I’m saying it’s alright to flirt. And make your flirting obvious. Let them know you are feeling them. For example, if they are talking to you about a date they just went on, tell em “Look baby, I don’t even know why you wasting your time with scrubs like that, You know I got ya.” If that doesn’t get them, at least you have them smiling.

Tip #3. Get close with the Momma: It’s simple. If the momma likes you, she will push for you. You see it all the time on TV shows, mothers telling their children who they should be dating. I’m not saying the mom will be the difference maker, but if they are constantly telling their son/daughter “You should date your friend_______. He/she is such a nice person. Y’all look nice together. Y’all would make nice babies. Everybody already thinks y’all dating,” that will plant the idea in the back of their mind. So at least now they are thinking of the idea. Plus, things parents say usually sticks more then others.

Tip #4. Spice it Up: I’m not talking about a friends night out. Spice it up a little bit. Cook them dinner. Light candles. Tell them how important they are to you and how much y’alls friendship means to you. Be completely honest. Do something for them you know they would appreciate. If you can leave a lasting impression on them, you pretty much have won the battle. Make that one night special.

Tip #5. Know when to Give Up: Tip #1 is the most important rule, but tip #5 is the rule you need not forget. Look, it ain’t gonna work all the time. Sometimes it’s just better for y’all to stay friends. You need to know and realize that. A lot of people just don’t know when to give up. If they have told you they are not interested, why in the hell are you still chasing them? I understand the whole thing of not giving up too early, but some people take it to far. There is no need cause pain to yourself. Just accept it and be done. If they change their mind they’ll come back. And if not…at least you still have a good friend.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Even if you don’t use them yourself, pass them on to a friend in need because everybody has a friend who just doesn’t get it. SMH.

Stay breezy folks.




Ryan’s Version Of MTV’s “Hottest MC’s” List


The people at MTV have lost their minds!

Recently, MTV released its annual “Hottest MC’s” list, and it has pissed me off more than ever. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not writing in support of anybody who didn’t make the list. This is me writing about how their system doesn’t make any kind of sense! The way they choose these people is dumb and it contradicts itself.

Before I begin dissecting this list, I want y’all to understand that I don’t take MTV seriously as and when it comes to music. They know nothing about good music and artists, mainly because they are a mainstream television network. However, that is not an excuse. If you want to know about music, watch Fuse. At least they play a variety of songs from different artists. Now that I have informed you of my position, I shall begin.

Here is this years list:
10. Meek Mill
9. Future
8. A$AP Rocky
7. Kanye West
6. Big Sean
5. Drake
4. Nas
3. Rick Ross
2. 2 Chainz
1. Kendrick Lamar

Alright, so the problem most people are having with understanding this list is the word “hottest”. Realize that hottest doesn’t mean best, or lyrically gifted. It simply means whoever got the most buzz throughout the year or who made the biggest leap in fame.

Five out of ten people who made the list last year aren’t even on this edition (Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Wale, Jay Z, and Wiz Khalifa). The Brain Trust, the group of bloggers and MTV executives who make the list, take in account how many followers you gained on Twitter and how big of a household name you’ve become over the course of a year. They also look at record sells and what not. This is where the problem begins. If this how they decide who’s on the list and what position, SOME OF THESE PEOPLE DO NOT FIT OR ARE IN THE WRONG SPOT!!

This is my list using the same formula the Brain Trust used with reasoning:

10. Chief Keef: Even though I think he’s missing a few screws, this dude made a name for himself in 2012 and he’s only 17! He went from being a nobody from Chicago, to that crazy dude from Chicago. Need I remind you he was the one who wrote “I Don’t Like,” which was later remixed by Kanye West and the rest of G.O.O.D Music. He also dropped an album, Finally Rich, which had a few hits.

9. Joey Bada$$: Look, the boy is cold! He’s slowly working his way up into the hip hop world. He released Rejex, which was bunch of unreleased songs. He also released The aPROcaplypse, which was a collaboration with his group Pro era.

8. Nas: Nas is lyrically the best rapper alive, and he proved that when he released his latest album, Life is Good. He made a lot of buzz and many people thought it was album of the year material. MTV had him ranked higher, however, we already knew what he was capable of. If this was strictly a lyrics list, he would be number one.

7. Rick Ross: The Boss was every where this year. Not only did he drop a solo album and mixtape, but he also dropped Selfmade: Volume 2 with his Maybach Music artists. He’s even been dodging bullets! I guess he wasn’t lying, them n****s can’t hold him back.

6. A$AP Rocky: Long. Live. A$AP was a good album. A$AP Rocky proved this year he isn’t just another rapper from Harlem. He went from being semi-mainstream to fully mainstream. He even made gold cool again with is hit song “Goldie.”

5. Kanye West: The Rant King did it big in 2012. He had or was featured on more hit songs than anybody. “Mercy” was a hit! “New God Flow” was a hit! “Way to Cold” was a hit! And he also remixed Chief Keef’s song “I Don’t Like”…WHICH WAS AN EVEN BIGGER HIT!! Look, y’all can hate Kanye all y’all want, but the man is a musical genius.

4. Drake: I don’t even care for Drake that much, but saying you don’t like his music is like saying you don’t like bacon. Ole dude is gifted. He was featured on a lot of hit songs such as “F**kin’ Problems,” “No Lie,” “Pop That” and “Poetic Justice.” He didn’t even drop a album this year, but you constantly heard his name.  His last album, Take Care, won a Grammy for best rap album.

3. Future: MTV disrespected this man, Future was 2012! His album, Pluto, did alright in sales, however, he makes hits. “Turn on the Lights,” “Neva End” and “Same Damn Time” were always playing on the radio. The man went from making songs like “Tony Montana” to being featured on songs like “Loveeeeeee Song.” He made the biggest leap of fame!

2. 2 Chainz: I know I said Future was 2012, but 2 Chainz shares the crown as well. He was everywhere this year. He dropped hits such as “No Lie,” “Birthday Song” and “I’m Different.” His album, Based on a T.R.U Story was a hit as well. The man was unstoppable.

1. Kendrick Lamar: Kendrick Lamar is the definition of rap music. He set himself apart from other rappers with his album, good kid, M.A.A.D city, which sold the most copies this past year. He not only made hits, but he told stories with his lyrics. “Swimming Pools” and “Poetic Justice” are just a few singles that helped Kendrick make it a very big 2012. If Future and 2 Chainz were 2012, Kendrick Lamar was definitely hip-hop.

This is what their list should have looked like. Honestly though, MTV should just stop making the list in the first place. They never get it right and people like me only care about lyrics. I don’t even listen to half of the people. Most of them are mainstream trash, but that’s is a different article.

Later folks.



Lil Wayne Releases Tracklist For “I Am Not A Human Being II”


Recently, New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne dropped the tracklist for his highly anticipated new album “I Am Not A Human Being II” which is set to be released later this month.

So far 11/15 songs will be collaborations with Drake, Big Sean, 2 ChainzFuture and others. Although he has recruited some of rap’s All-Stars, many critics still question which Wayne we will get. I personally thought I was done with Wayne after the years of disappointment following his “The Cater lll” album, but his new single “Love Me” (B****** Love Me) ft. Drake and Future made me rethink everything. My opinion of the song might me tainted considering my favorite part is the hook. I also have no clue what Wayne is talking about in half of his verses, but the song is still good.

An issue so far, considering I haven’t heard all the tracks yet,  is the fact that Soulja Boy will be featured on the album. -__- Seriously Wayne? Another issue is the cover art which was designed by Kanye West’s design company, DONDA. The cover doesn’t fit Wayne at all and is slightly confusing in regards to his album title. Despite the minor issues, this may be Wayne’s best work since the The Carter lll.

Check out the complete track listing:

02. Curtains (feat. Boo)
03. Days and Days (feat. 2 Chainz)
04. Gunwalk (feat. Gudda Gudda)
05. No Worries (feat. Detail)
06. Back To You
07. Trigger Finger (feat. Soulja Boy)
08. Beat The Shit (feat. Gunplay)
09. Rich As bad word (feat. 2 Chainz)
10. Trippy (feat. Juicy J)
11. Bitches Love Me (feat. Drake & Future)
12. Romance
13. God Bless Amerika
14. My Homies Still (feat. Big Sean)
15. Lay It Down (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Make sure you give it a listen as and when it’s released.



Black And Eighteen: Remembering Trayvon Martin


Recently, God blessed and allowed me to see the age of 18. Normally, I don’t get all excited about birthdays; however, I realize that 18 is a big deal. It is even more of a big deal if you’re an 18-year-old African American male, because the odds are not in your favor to succeed. Although many of us move onto college, many other black males end up in jail or in the graveyard. We must constantly fight statistics and labels that the media gives us.

Becoming eighteen is the starting point. The first hurdle we must overcome to disprove the comments of our naysayers. We must show them that we our more than the “thugs” they label us as. Sadly, not all of us will make it so see this magnificent day.

Last year, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was killed because he looked like a “thug”. George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old male who shot and killed Martin, was not threatened by Trayvon because he was armed. He wasn’t threatened by Trayvon because he had committed some vicious crime, but he was threatened by Trayvon because he was black.

Trayvon was a good student who had dreams and aspirations. He wanted to finish school. He wanted to enjoy life and accomplish his dream, but all of that was taken away from him. Not only do these labels and statistics cripple African American males from succeeding life, but they kill us as well. So what should we do? Shall we just sit back and let these naysayers and cripplers win? HECK NO! We will stand up and continue to make strives of success. We will continue to prove these naysayers wrong. We continue to push on.

As I sit here, eating my skittles and drinking my sweet tea, I am making a stand. This is not just a tribute to Trayon Martin, but to every African American male who has dreams. This is a tribute to all of those who have turned eighteen, and a tribute to those who weren’t given the opportunity. This is our motivation.

Push forward my brothers, and remember we aren’t who they say that we are.

Happy belated birthday Trayvon, lost but never forgotten.