Author Kizzy K. Johnson Talks Her Book “Coffee Shop Therapist” And What Makes Her Different From Other Authors


Let’s be real. Every now and then we all need to spill out our problems or whatever it is that’s bothering us to someone who is willing to listen. Author Kizzy K. Johnson acts as our sounding board in her latest book and even gives advice on how to tackle controversial situations and taboos.

Johnson’s book, Coffee Shop Therapist: Sound Advice for Life’s Spills, takes on topics such as homosexuality, open-relationships, addiction and adultery one by one while giving readers the tools they need to resolve and work through their “spills” in life. Johnson took time to chat with us about her book, check out our interview below.

JESSICASIMIEN.COM: How long have you been writing?
Kizzy K. Johnson: I started writing professionally in 2002 while living in Las Vegas. I guess it was the mountains, valleys and rays of sun that inspired me to take it seriously.

JS: Obviously we want to talk a little bit about your book, Coffee Shop Therapist: Sound Advice for Life’s Spills. I love the title, how did you come up with it?
Kizzy: Oh, I was really trying to find a title that personified who I am to people, what I bring to the table. So while in the hospital high off morphine, the title came to me and I was like “THAT’S IT!” (laughing).

JS: How did you choose some of the topics for your book?
Kizzy: I really thought about all the people I’ve helped over the twenty years I’ve been giving advice and how their stories are so relatable to other’s.

JS: Many people write books dishing out relationship and life advice, what do you feel that you bring to the table that other authors don’t?
Kizzy: I thought of that I as I wrote Coffee Shop Therapist. I even read a few and I thought to myself, “no one really shows the people “how’ to start the conversation.” The other books give great advice on what to do, but rarely do they show you how to do it. That’s the difference between Coffee Shop Therapist and all the other books on the shelf about life and relationships.

I don’t just give you the advice, I show you positive, healthy ways to bring up topics that you typically avoid, bury or just ignore because you’re afraid to bring them up. Topics that you are afraid to discuss but you need to discuss in order to have a healthier relationship. I show you how, chapter by chapter, story by story. At the end of the day, all the advice books in the world don’t mean a hill of beans if you don’t know how to communicate, how to open up the dialogue to build a bridge to improving those relationships, Coffee Shop Therapist, shows you how to do that.

JS: What has been your funniest or most enjoyable time as and when people have asked your for advice?
Kizzy: Oh there are stories within stories but I can never get enough of watching people glow and grow from the advice I give them.

JS: What can we expect from you in the future?
Kizzy: Check for my name across your small screen real soon. I’m currently working on a TV show based out of Atlanta. It’s crazy, bad wordy, cool – another avenue I’ve been given to express myself, tell a story in a way that isn’t represented on TV but is definitely relatable! Who knows where writing will take me, I’m on the train going full steam ahead!

To connect with Kizzy, follow her on Twitter @kizzykjohnson or visit her website www.kizzykjohnson.com. You can purchase your copy of Coffee Shop Therapist on Amazon by clicking here.


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