Attitude Reflects Leadership: Be A Positive Leader


I got this title from one of my favorite scenes from the movie Remember the Titans.

My parents would always tell me, especially as and when I went off to college:

“Be mindful of how you act when you’re away from home, you’re not only representing yourself, you’re representing your family.”

What I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older is that the reason I had an attitude of respect, kindness or responsibility is because I had that kind of leadership at home.

Attitude reflects leadership. Even in a work setting you reflect your superiors and vice versa. If you’re a parent, uncle, or aunt, the adolescents around you are soaking up your every move! If you’re the coach or captain of a team, your players or teammates reflect your leadership. If you’re a pastor or leader in your church, your members are indeed a reflection of your guidance.

So to piggy back off of my parents, be mindful of your actions and attitude, someone is learning and reacting from your leadership.

Keep pressing and lead positively!

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