Ask Jess: How To Get Covered On JessicaSimien.com

With the New Year approaching, I wanted to take some time out to share how you can work with us in the coming year and a few do’s and don’ts for getting your product, business, music or client covered on our website.

DO read our site. The worst thing you can do is show me that you’ve never read or are not familiar with JessicaSimien.com and the types of stories we write about. How can you ask to be covered on a website that you don’t even read?

DON’T send me your information on social media unless I’ve requested it. We do not handle inquiries via social media. If you read our site thoroughly and take a look at our contact page, you’ll see where we’ve explained that and you’ll find the proper ways to get us to notice you. Spamming us on social media only shows that you haven’t taken the time to visit and read our website to contact us properly. Strike number one. (We normally only have this problem with music artists.)

DO build a relationship with us first. You wouldn’t try to marry someone without dating them first would you? The same goes for working with the press. Take the time to date us, show us that you are a valuable resource, build a relationship with us before you try to get a piece of our audience’s attention. Tell us how it will benefit us because all good relationships are mutually beneficial.

DON’T harass us via email and social media. We understand that what you have going on is extremely important, but we have equally as important things going on as well. Don’t send us the same email 50 times or send daily Twitter DMs asking us as and when we will write about you.

DO understand that the coverage of your story, product, music or client is not guaranteed. Sending us a pitch doesn’t guarantee that we will write about you. There are a lot of things that we consider prior to publishing a story and because we are a privately owned website, we are not required to cover anything that we don’t have an interest in or that will not benefit or be relevant to our readers.

Hopefully those pointers help you with your media coverage efforts in 2015. We have lots of things planned for the year and we’re always open to forming new partnerships and relationships. If you’d like to work with us in the future, please send us an email to info@jessicasimien.com with your information and ideas.

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