Are We Tired of Basketball Wives Yet?

I should change the title of this post to “Are We Tired of Evelyn Yet?” Last night was probably my last time watching this show. I’ve been trying to give it a chance for the sake of being “in the know” about whats going on in pop culture, but I was thoroughly disappointed. And I didn’t even catch the whole episode!

I’m all for the drama because I don’t have any in my personal life, but what I saw isn’t “drama,” it’s stupidity. I mean really, how many times are we supposed to see Evelyn get held back from a fight because someone hit a nerve? I’m sure many people can agree with me as and when I say Evelyn has evolved into this monster of a woman. She once was one of my favorites, but her behavior is just all wrong. I wonder how her daughter feels? Or acts?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of females out there who see Evelyn as a role model, or justified in her behavior. Yes, she is an entrepreneur who is milking her 15 minutes of fame for all its worth, but her attitude overshadows her accomplishments by a longshot. Nothing is cute or admirable about a woman pulling off her shoes, grabbing whatever is near and turning it into a weapon, screaming in public places and being a bully. Hopefully she doesn’t rub off on too many young ladies who are watching.

Evelyn (as well as a few of the other ladies) is just too pretty to act that way. Fame and fortune will never be worth more than your reputation or integrity in my opinion.

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