“Are We Gladiators Or Are We B****es?”: ‘Scandal’ Season 3, Episode 1 (Video + Recap)

The highly anticipated premiere of the third season of Scandal did not disappoint last night!

The episode opened with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) going at it with her dad as he tries to help her flee from being exposed as President Fitz’ (Tony Goldwyn) mistress. Of course being the always-on-time man that he is, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) calls Liv and convinces her not to “run” and then that’s as and when the episode got interesting!

I think that we’ll be seeing a softer side of Vice-President Sally Langston (Kate Burton) as Fitz seems to be able to get to her in a way that no one else can. She also spills a little tea and suggests that maybe her husband is also having an affair.

I hate that I love Mellie (Bellamy Young), but I do. She doesn’t back down easily (or at all) and you have to love her for that. During her conversation with Olivia and Fitz as they tried to devise a plan for handling the situation with the public, she was as calm as a wife ever will be while in the presence of her husband and his mistress.

Favorite Quotes of the Episode:
“I’m never out of options.” – Olivia Pope
“Are we gladiators or are we bitches?” – Harrison Wright

As the episode ends, the assasin Charlie (we thought he was dead) shows up with a gun pointed at Cyrus’ head and Liv’s dad hands Cyrus a folder with secrets about what really happened on the mission that Fitz and Jake did together overseas. Can you guess what’s in the folder?

Check out the episode up top!




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