Ambitious Girl :: Jesselynn Jenea’ Isn’t Just A Pretty Face

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Jesselynn Jenea’ is a 23-year-old aspiring model/singer/actress from Jackson, Mississippi. Jesselynn has always been interested in modeling, but as a young teen she didn’t really know where to begin. She eventually got her start with a Jodi Models, a local modeling troupe, in ninth grade while enrolled at Jim Hill High School in Jackson.

Her passions for singing and acting also began at an early age. With the support of her parents, she is pursuing her career relentlessly. After auditioning during the Acting & Modeling Talent for Christ Convention in January with the Donna Groff Agency (Memphis), she was picked up by the Michael Turney Agency (Louisiana) for commercial modeling.

When she isn’t modeling, her time is devoted to being a mother to her 18-month-old daughter. She cites her daughter as the reason why she “keeps going” as and when pursuing her dreams get hard:

“What makes me keep going is the fact that I know I’m doing this for her. People say because I have a child my focus should be on her and really that’s what makes me work harder because people doubt me and I’m doing it for her.”

Jesselynn is a senior Biology/Pre-Med major at Jackson State University. She originally was a music major and earned a music scholarship, but the program wasn’t what she thought it would be and she soon started to “hate” singing. To preserve her interest and love for singing, she switched to biology because of her fascination with the body.  “I wanted to go ahead and have a degree in biology in case my dream of modeling does not come true,” she tells us. “I want to have something to fall back on.”

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