Amazon’s CEO Promises 30-Minute Shipping With New Drone (VIDEO)

You’ve seen those futuristic movies that depict civilization in very cartoon-ish like ways such as flying cars, automated everything and being able to live “normal” life without ever having to leave your home. Are we living in those times? I think we are.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, has unveiled the latest in shipping technology – an autonomous drone – that delivers packages to your home as a part of Amazon Prime Air, an upcoming delivery service through Amazon that could be available to consumers as early as 2015.

The packages are pulled off the lines by the octocopter and through using a GPS, the octocopter directed to the delivery address within 30 minutes of the order being placed. The reason that we’ll have to wait until at least 2015 for the service to become available is because Amazon has to ensure that this new delivery method is safe and will not drop packages while en route.

Check out the video demonstration up top!

SOURCE: Global Grind, ABC, YouTube


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